Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Botnet Wars: a Q&A (teaser)

Would YOU like to know more about exploit kits, crime packs, botnet kits and the current role they are playing ?

Then be sure to check out tomorrow's update on this blog as well as on MalwareDatabase. I will publish an article where I have interviewed several people from the antimalware industry.

These days, the kits are getting cheaper. Also, less tehcnical savvy people are able to use it. An example can be the Mariposa case, where the botnet operators had little knowledge about technical subjects.

A recent trend is that some exploit kits are focussing in disabling one another, like the recent integration in SpyEye to kill Zeus:

They will all give their expert opinion on the current problem and how we can prevent the spreading of the threats they pose. It will also include some best-practices on how one can protect itself.

Stay tuned !

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