Monday, November 23, 2020

Blue Team Puzzle

Several years ago, I created a "malware puzzle" - basically, a crossword puzzle but with terms related to malware. You can find that puzzle here:

Seeing crosswords are a hobby of mine, I thought it'd be fun to create another one more than seven years later - this time, all things blue team! Obviously you don't need to be part of a blue team to fill in the puzzle, it's for anyone in information or cyber security - but it does help if you've been on the defense side of things.

You can print the puzzle and fill it in, or you can use Adobe Reader to complete the PDF version, or use any tool to your liking (mspaint is also a candidate). There are no spaces - all words are one word.

You can find the puzzle in the following formats:


PNG mirror:


PDF mirror:

If you have the solution, feel free to create a comment or @ me on Twitter:

To make things more interesting, you can set up a competition between your fellow defenders to see who can complete it first!

If you're stuck, I can always send you a hint - see my About page for contact information, use Twitter, or leave a comment. Note there may be spoilers around. 

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