Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Malware Puzzle

A malware (crossword) puzzle you say? Yes! Why not?

I've made a puzzle about malware (and security) related keywords. It comes in .PNG format, .DOCX and .PDF. You can print it and fill it in and @ me on Twitter: @bartblaze . (or leave a comment)

I consider the difficulty of the puzzle quite easy, but here are some breadcrumbs:
  •  I only mean a synonym when it's explicitly mentioned
  •  Across is horizontal, down means vertical
  •  The last letter of (2) down is the first letter of (9) down
  •  I must note I made a small error, (5) down is "disaster" when it should have been "doubt" (FUD). So  just fill in disaster there. 
  •  Don't think about it too long (it's not far-fetched)

To make it more fun you can:

  • Set a time limit to solve the puzzle as I did (10 minutes)
  • Prohibit the use of internet

There's no prize, it's just for fun. Enjoy!

Click to enlarge