Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FedEx spam loads malware

Received an email from (supposedly) FedEx today, seems my parcel was unable to be delivered:

Print your receipt!

    Mail details:
Subject: Shipping Information‏

Sender: stoiciu_ro01@uhost.ro

Tracking ID: 1795-21492944
Date: Monday, 18 February 2013, 10:22 AM
Dear Client,
Your parcel has arrived at February 20.Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you at 20 February 06:33 PM.
To receive your parcel, please, print this receipt and go to the nearest office.
Print Receipt  
Best Regards, The FedEx Team.
FedEx 1995-2013

The 'Print Receipt' button points to a filesharing website, where a ZIP file gets downloaded. Inside the ZIP is an EXE file with a neat little Word icon. When running the file:

Postal Receipt  information

You get a Notepad file with some information. Is your name Mark Smith? No? Then you're infected. Is your name Mark Smith? Then you're infected anyway. 

Does this behaviour look familiar? Well noticed, we've seen this in a post from some months ago:

Gathered files. Contact me for a copy.

Some more details about the downloaded file:
MD5: d335b890e1bc260a259b994533333d02
VirusTotal Report
Anubis Report
ThreatExpert Report

The following file was dropped in the %appdata% folder:
MD5: d335b890e1bc260a259b994533333d02
VirusTotal Report
Anubis Report
ThreatExpert Report

The malware tries to connect to the following IPs:

It performs the following GET request on port 8080, probably to download more malware.  
(I was however unable to reproduce any additional droppers or system modifications): /509A37A363A4A88C8B6BBD234F063B9CEE4072C470F04B0AB239C05FF89DA4B98D1E54BF77C0CD96CD8BC4004B3459C13194D0F9E0D64CF108A635F7468E817F408A20EF7149233F1356D2B3565F49

  • Don't click on any link(s) of unknown senders. In fact, don't even open mail from unknown senders.
  • Have you indeed ordered something? Check the status of it directly on the supplier's website.
  • Don't be fooled by the Adobe or Word icons, they are actually EXE files. You can enable an option in Windows so you're always sure of the filetype being used:
    Enable Viewing of Filename Extensions for Known File Types
  • Install an antivirus and antimalware product and keep it up-to-date & running. In this case, the payload is at least 4 months old! This should be easily detected by your antivirus product.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Facebook in a different color? Nah, just a survey scam

I got messaged about an obvious scam on Facebook:

New Facebook colors!

Strangely enough, that person's Facebook color was still in blue. Is it possible this is just a scam? ;-)

Going to the application:

The application "Pick a col0r" requests your permissions

 Next screen....:
I choose the blue color. Oh, right...

You've won!

As with most applications like these, you first have to fill in a survey to get your Facebook in a different color. Obviously, you still won't be able to even if you have filled in all your information for a chance to win product X or Y.

The application will make the same post on your wall as in the first picture. To remove it:

Go to your privacy settings, applications and remove "Pick a C0lor".

Confirm the removal and check the box. 


You cannot change the color of Facebook at this point, there is no dislike button, ....

All of these 'applications' point to survey scams where you fill in all your information and your inbox will be flooded with spammail. And no, you haven't won anything.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New exploit kit tricks

In today's post, we'll be reviewing a (potentially) new trick by the exploit kit authors.

As usual, it all starts with.... a great portion of spam:

Verizon important account information! ;-)

When clicking on any of the links you get redirected of course.... and some tasty exploits are served.... See for more information on Pastebin links further below....

However, this time, when you don't have a vulnerable Java or Adobe version installed, you'll get redirected (after 61000 milliseconds ~1 minute to be exact) to another page where you can download the brand new version of Adobe Flash Player:

Download the new Flash Player... Note it's not the official Adobe website!

Of course this is not the real Flash Player, in fact, as far as I could find, this version does not exist.

Something that has always bothered me about the download of Flash is the notification circled in red. Yes, on the real website of Adobe, this notification is also present:
"You may have to temporarily disable your antivirus software" --> Great thinking, right?

The bad guys have basically just done a copy/paste of the download page of Flash and changed the version number. When clicking on Download now, you're presented with:

MD5: 1b7d3393018d65e9d37566089b7626d5
VirusTotal Report
Anubis Report
ThreatExpert Report

The payload seems to be Zeus/Zbot, it also phones home to:

Infection URLs from the same campaign, hat tip to @MalwareMustDie :
URLquery search results

Samples that were gathered, contact me if you'd like a copy:

Pastebin links for the Javascripts:


- Don't click on any link(s) of unknown senders. In fact, don't even open mail from unknown senders
- Patch your Java & Adobe or uninstall it if you don't need it
- Install an antivirus and antimalware product and keep it up-to-date & running
- Use NoScript in Firefox or NotScripts in Chrome