Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Facebook in a different color? Nah, just a survey scam

I got messaged about an obvious scam on Facebook:

New Facebook colors!

Strangely enough, that person's Facebook color was still in blue. Is it possible this is just a scam? ;-)

Going to the application:

The application "Pick a col0r" requests your permissions

 Next screen....:
I choose the blue color. Oh, right...

You've won!

As with most applications like these, you first have to fill in a survey to get your Facebook in a different color. Obviously, you still won't be able to even if you have filled in all your information for a chance to win product X or Y.

The application will make the same post on your wall as in the first picture. To remove it:

Go to your privacy settings, applications and remove "Pick a C0lor".

Confirm the removal and check the box. 


You cannot change the color of Facebook at this point, there is no dislike button, ....

All of these 'applications' point to survey scams where you fill in all your information and your inbox will be flooded with spammail. And no, you haven't won anything.

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