Saturday, December 4, 2010

new rogue: PCoptimizer 2010

As already stated in my previous post, there are two new rogues (rogue security software, rogueware) lurking around:

PrivacyGuard 2010 and PCoptimizer 2010

You can be presented with either of these GUIs:

PrivacyGuard 2010 (picture: BleepingComputer)

PCoptimizer 2010

If you execute any program, you can be presented with the following pop-up:

PCoptimizer 2010 pop-up

I also made a small video on how you can disable this rogue and access your programs again. In this video I targeted PCoptimizer 2010, but you can also apply these steps on PrivacyGuard 2010.

Direct link to HD video on YouTube

6 easy steps:

1) Go to Start > Run
2) Type in: C:\windows\system32
3) Find taskmgr.exe and make a copy
4) Paste taskmgr.exe on your desktop (for example) and rename to explorer.exe
5) Locate the process for the rogue (in this case, PCoptimizer 2010.exe) and click on End Process
6) You can now execute your Antivirus or Antimalware tools again, or browse the internet and download one :) .

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