Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scam tactic still active

In a previous post I already warned you about New scam/phishing tactics .

Recently I received a similar email, telling me my Google Earth boarding pass is ready.
Apparently the same guys are back trying their tactic once again.

The subject of the email was
Google Earth Enhancement: Your Boarding Pass is Ready

Email from 'The Earth Team'

Banner urging you to download the 2011 version

The domain where you can 'buy' Google Earth is listed below. Note it might still be active, so be careful with the link(s).

Result: 1/17 (6 %)
Domain Hash: 080a81b600bddf891a7b473e5958ab9f


Basically the same as in my previous post. Simply delete the email and don't look back.

If you really want to download Google Earth, you can download it directly (and for free) from

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