Tuesday, June 19, 2012

League of Legends RP hack

I recently blogged about a (still current) scam targeting players of the online game League of Legends: Free Riot codes scam . See the conclusion at the end of this post for tips and tricks.

When re-checking several websites and Facebook pages, I came across an interesting file that will supposedly generate Riot Codes for you:

League of Legends RP hack 2012. Looks legit.

You need to insert your username, password and the RP value. Looks legit. No wait, it doesn't generate anything, it will just send your credentials to the scriptkiddie. The file is obviously written (read: copy/paste) in Visual Basic and uses the SmtpClient class to send your credentials to a certain mail address:

Voila, here's the email being used
Thanks to the mail address provided, I was able to pull more information by performing a simple Google search; for example real mail address, Facebook, age, location ... I will however not publish any details.

League of Legends RP hack 2012.exe
Result: 2/42
MD5: f6c05598e9b4b7ae2264e4f0a8bcb6ca
VirusTotal Report

In case you're wondering, the file on itself is not malicious. It will only do harm if you filled in your username and password and actually clicked the "Press here for RP" button. In that case, change your password immediately.

There are similar programs out there, a few examples:

Example #1

Example #2


Conclusion is pretty straightforward: besides the normal scams I see "programs" like this rise more and more, not only on Facebook, but also on forums and mainly on YouTube as well.

Don't be fooled by a nice interface or promising words, it's all fake. Remember:
if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Also as stated before, the programs I encountered above are not malicious on itself. However, it is possible some of these are in fact malicious and may contain a keylogger or viruses. Always be wary when downloading something you don't really know. Use a service like VirusTotal to check for any malicious activity, or run the program in a Sandbox.

Has your account been hacked? Head to the following link from Riot to recover it as soon as possible: http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1064749 

Some DO's and DO NOT's by Riot themselves:

Repeating: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!


  1. Nice, very clear statement

    -siege :)

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    1. Thanks for that site, I'll report it as well ;-) !

    2. AHAH, this guy promotes is website about riot points code on a website claiming they dont work. lol

    3. So did you. Thanks for the link. ;-)

  4. ht_tp://speedy.sh/jujhM/RP-Hack.rar

    this works 100%

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  6. Haha. Do people actually fall for these?

    1. They sure do!

      Let's say people will fall more for the survey scams of "free riot points" (see my other post) than these so-called generators, but some are willingly to fill in their credentials if promised something for free.

  7. I love how so many scammers are commenting on this...

    1. Yep, seems that they like creating backlinks. But hey, I should thank them for reporting their site to me.

  8. Could you check /watch?v=DsAeJ53BUbQ at youtube? Looks good but I don't trust these things, there's always a catch.

    1. Thanks for the link!

      There is no such thing as an "injector" or "RP generator". It's all a scam!

      If you check the video, at 0:56-0:58 there's a small 'bump' where you can clearly see the video has been edited.

      Also, to obtain the password for the so called generator, you'll be directed to a survey scam.

      If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to comment!

    2. Not only the bump, you can clearly see the timestamp of Windows in the bottom right corner (when he turned off LoL, 3 days passed)

      I'm happy to see that there are still people who really want to help others and trys to stop these damn scammers.

      Thanks alot for you effort Bart and stay as you are :)

    3. Correct!

      You're welcome and thanks for your feedback :) !

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  10. found this site while doing some research about scams.

    I have a question, Is there a possibility, After gaining your account back, changing passwords ect, due to being a victim of a scam. That messages can still be sent out to people on your friend lists trying to refer someone to the same "Free RP" site?

    I would think its possible cause once someone enters their info, username and password it gains info of your friends lists. I play league with a few friends and one actually fell for the scam. They entered their info and completely lost their account (they were unable to access it at all). We recommended they contact riot to gain their account back. They said they followed the steps riot gave them and were able to regain access to their account. They said they changed their password and email address but we are still receiving random messages (one month after) from them to click on the scam for 'free RP' points.

    1. Is the spam/scam coming from the same account as your friend that was victim of the scam earlier?

      If so, it's possible someone has installed malware on your friend's computer, or has still access to it.

      I advise you to run a scan with an online antivirus scanner and afterwards a scan with Malwarebytes. Then, your friend should change his or her password once again. Anyone else that has clicked the link(s) should consider changing their password as well.

      If this message was not from your friend who was victim of a scam, but from somebody that you have on your friend list, let him/her know. Chances are they also have malware and/or their machine/account is hacked.

      If someone is spreading these links on purpose, block them from your friends list and let Riot know (include a screenshot for example).

      Let me know should you have any other questions!

  11. one year ago i did one of them, after 2 SURVEYS(compromising my cellphone to 2 suscriptions that discounted me 1 dollar per week), automatically downloaded a .txt that said:
    "this code has already been taked, try again"
    or something like that, i dont remember, the worst thing of all of this is that the people is STILL FALLING.

    PD: sorry for my bad english.

    1. Thanks for your comment. As you say, even when you are able to unlock a survey (which in 99% of the cases you won't), you still won't have any Riot points or free RP.


  12. No problem Anonymous, and glad to see you realised in time this was all a scam.


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    p.s. good post you have.. thanks//

  14. Is this real? :o
    I'm just asking!~

    1. Hi WitchGaming,

      No, it's all a scam.


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