Friday, October 25, 2013 compromised

Unless you didn't have any internet access today, you must have heard about the compromise of today. An excerpt:

One of the first confirmations that is was in fact compromised

Google Safe Browsing warning

You can read the full discussion on whether PHP was compromised or not here:

Statements by itself:
I think it's pretty clear by now how it (could have) happened: insertion of a malicious - or change of- a Javascript file on their website.

Let's start with the first entry of infection, most likely userprefs.js on the main page. Some heavily obfuscated Javascript is present, which redirects to either:

Here's a Pastebin link containing the modified userprefs.js:

After either of those redirects, PluginDetect (which is a legit Javascript library to detect browser plugins) determines your version of Adobe & Java. If you have any of those vulnerable versions installed, you'll get served with several flavors of malware. Your browser will either crash or "hang" for a while.

Interestingly enough, another PluginDetect was also trying to check for vulnerable versions of VLC, SilverLight and Flash.

If you don't have any of these installed, you're possibly being redirected to a website with the text "He took over Russia with a wooden plough, but left it equipped with atomic weapons" (seems to be a letter about Stalin, see here) which contains the following fancy YouTube video:

Let's move on to the actual payload. Thanks to a blogpost by Barracuda Labs, I was able to download the PCAP file they gathered. 

The PCAP file proved to be very interesting. Besides being able to pull the usual malicious Javascript files, I was able to gather some payloads as well, which aren't very friendly to your machine.

The following malware was seen to be downloaded: Fareit, ZeroAccess (GoogleUpdate/Google Desktop variant), Zeus and even ransomware (unknown) in one instance!

Fareit and Zeus/Zbot have been known for going hand in hand for some time now, see here for an earlier blogpost. When executed, you'll either have to pay up a fine (ransomware), get a rootkit (ZeroAccess) or get your information stolen (Fareit & Zeus). An overview of the information that will be stolen:

Your data being stolen

I don't need to mention that this is quite bad. Have you visited yesterday or today and saw your browser crash? Did you notice any strange behavior? Yes? No? Either way, perform a scan of your machine right away. We'll get back to that though.

MD5s of samples gathered:



  • Patch your Java & Adobe or uninstall it if you don't need it.
    Same goes for their browser plugins or add-ons!
  • Keep your browser of choice up-to-date.
  • Install an antivirus and antimalware product and keep it up-to-date & running.
  • Use NoScript in Firefox or NotScripts in Chrome.
  • Block the above IP. (either in your firewall or host file)


  • Perform a full scan with your installed antivirus and a scan with another antivirus or antimalware product. You can check on VirusTotal which antivirus applications already detect this malware.


  • Every website can be injected with malicious Javascript, even well-known websites!
  • Received a Google Safe Browsing warning? Don't simply ignore it, either look up if anything's known about that website being hacked or if you're not sure, stay away from it for a while. (best case is to contact the site owner as well.)


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