Thursday, October 24, 2013

Twitter account suspended

This is just a small post to indicate that my Twitter account was suspended last week. (15 October 2013)
(don't worry, if you haven't been following, it's back up already since the 18th)

I received the following mail from Twitter:
Mail from Twitter

My account was inaccessible until the 18th of October, when they "un-suspended" it. Luckily my followers & following were recovered. As to this date, I haven't had any reply from Twitter, despite replying to their ticket.

As to the cause of my suspension? I'm unsure. I often tweet about malicious things, but I do keep malicious URLs out of them, even obfuscated ones. (easier just redirecting on Pastebin)

I have noticed however that I was tweeting about an account which was massively spamming Twitter. That tweet is still deleted. Not sure if it had anything to do with it, but I don't see too many other possibilities.

It appears I'm not the first to have had this situation. Mikko Hypponen from F-Secure had it as well somewhere in 2009:

You can't send any links in DMs anymore, so I guess Twitter is getting more restrictive. Which is a good thing. I just hope they won't produce any more false positives ;-) .

Michael Krigsman from ZDNet had also written a short article on Mikko's suspension:

I will update when I receive any news from Twitter.

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  1. Hi, just like you I got suspended but fortunately I had just created a new account so hadn't had time to have followers etc. For some reason when I posted my website they suspended. Still am unsure why they did this. Very puzzled.......