Sunday, January 10, 2016

Security Predictions 2016

Since everyone's doing it, here are some of my security predictions for 2016.

  • More ransomware
  • More misuse of the word 'CryptoLocker' (this ransomware died somewhere in 2014)
  • More malware
  • More misspellings of malware ('mallware', 'maleware', etc.)
  • More IoT devices (Internet of Things)
  • More ransomware or other malware for IoT devices
  • More database/company breaches
  • More spam, phishing, etc.
  • More (ATM) skimming
  • More nation-state malware
  • More governments spying on their citizens
  • More privacy concerns
  • ...

Essentially: more of the same. I also suspect 2016 the year of more nation-state malware to be discovered/uncovered. And of course more encrypting ransomware (aka 'cryptoware') as it's still a succesful recipe. As long as people pay the ransom, they will keep bringing out new & improved versions/variants.

More security predictions (and probably more explained in depth or simply better ones) can be found by performing a search with your favorite search engine.

May you have a safe, malware-free, privacy-friendly 2016!


  1. I already known some of those exploit but I learned something new.
    Thx Bart :) good job as always !