Monday, November 14, 2016

Cybercrime Report Template

In this blog post I'll be contributing a template or form, made as simple as possible, to enable you to report cybercrime in a more efficient way. Scroll down if you're not interested in the background story.

The purpose or need of this form arose several years ago, when I wrote a blog post about the 'blame game'. In short, I wrote about how we are all guilty of pointing fingers when a cyberincident occurs.

In reality, the only person or entity to blame, is the one that infected you or your organisation. Since publishing that specific post, cooperation has definitely improved - whether that is due to my post or not, I'll leave aside - an example is the No More Ransom project.

The blog post concluded stating that post-infection information is scarce: there is prevention, incident handling, malware cleaning all around - but available information on what to do afterwards was rather poor.

In short: report it to your CERT or local police department!

You can fill in the template below and download and/or print it as a PDF, which you can submit or include to an organisation of your choosing.

The template is also available on the following link:
Cybercrime Report Template

Disclaimer: no information will be sent to me or Jotform at any point.

Additionally to the template included in this blog post, or in link above, it is also seperately available as a PDF.

Organisations that wish to use this template, are free to do so. I have added the source on Github, which you'll be able to find here.


Please refer to the following websites if you would also like to report this seperately:
Report Cybercrime Online (EU)
IC3 Complaint Referral Form (US)

In case you do not want to report this to a specific law enforcement agency seperately, just fill in the form above. If you are willing, it is possible to share any information through Criminal Intelligence teams - this can be completely anonymous, similar to this form.

Be sure to contact your CERT or local police department to ask if they have such a team or anonymous reporting possiblity (see also links above).

You can find a list of CERTs here:
CERTs by Country - Interactive Map
List of National CSIRTs

APCERT team members

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