Monday, November 14, 2016

Cybercrime Report Template

In this blog post I'll be contributing a template or form, made as simple as possible, to enable you to report cybercrime in a more efficient way. Scroll down if you're not interested in the background story.

The purpose or need of this form arose several years ago, when I wrote a blog post about the 'blame game'. In short, I wrote about how we are all guilty of pointing fingers when a cyberincident occurs.

In reality, the only person or entity to blame, is the one that infected you or your organisation. Since publishing that specific post, cooperation has definitely improved - whether that is due to my post or not, I'll leave aside - an example is the No More Ransom project.

The blog post concluded stating that post-infection information is scarce: there is prevention, incident handling, malware cleaning all around - but available information on what to do afterwards, when you've become an actual victim of cybercrime, was rather poor.

In short: report it to your CERT or local police department!

You can fill in the template below and download and/or print it as a PDF, which you can submit or include to an organisation of your choosing.

The template is also available on the following link:
Cybercrime Report Template

Disclaimer: no information will be sent to me or Jotform at any point.

Additionally to the template included in this blog post, or in link above, it is also separately available as a PDF.

Organisations that wish to use this template, are free to do so. I have added the source on Github, which you'll be able to find here.


Please refer to the following websites if you would also like to report this separately:
Report Cybercrime Online (EU)
IC3 Complaint Referral Form (US)
Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CA)
ReportCyber (AUS)
Report Cybercrime (NZ)

In case you do not want to report this to any of the agencies above. just fill in the form and print it - then share it with your country's CERT or (local) police department. This can be (partly) anonymous - ask if there's option to do so.

You can find a list of CERTs here:
CERTs by Country - Interactive Map (Europe)

APCERT team members (Asia Pacific)

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