Monday, June 24, 2013

Gina Lisa Facebook scam

Yet another Facebook scam, this time luring users with a sextape from Gina Lisa, whom is apparently a German model:

Yet another Facebook scam: "Gina Lisa Sextape"

When you click on the link you get:
Verify your age first

When you click on the video to "verify your age" you are redirected to what appears to be a site for gambling, pokergames, etc....:

Subscribe and get a free bonus. Looks legit

I suspect you'll probably have to pay up sooner or later to continue playing. is apparently known for spamming blogs & other sites.

hXXp:// - URLvoid Report
hXXp:// - URLvoid Report

This scam and/or spam will also post on Facebook on your behalf. Go over your Privacy Settings on Facebook and make sure you delete this "app" if you see it. Remove any posts you have made as well and report posts similar as this made by your friend(s).


Pretty straightforward: do not click on any of these links, how tempting they might be ! Ask your friend if he or she knows what it means, and slightly hover over the post until the 'X' becomes visible. You can then mark the post as spam, and it will be removed from your friend's wall.

It might also help to install the WOT extension into your browser. (Compatible with most modern browsers)
WOT is a community-based tool and is therefore very useful for these kinds of scams, whereas other users can warn you about the validity.
More information and to download WOT:

To keep it short and simple:
don't fall for these types of spam/scam, most of the times it's pretty obvious it's fake.

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